Thursday, February 22, 2018

Detox - Not one size fits all

There can be a lot of frustration when it comes to deciding how to get help with substance abuse and where and how to detox. There are many more choices than either spending $70K for a month in a beautiful place or simply going to a 12 step program.
Substance abuse can affect anyone in any profession or demographic. Almost everyone seeking sobriety feels overwhelmed by the cravings and withdrawal symptoms.
We believe that an integrated approach tailored to your specific needs addressing withdrawal symptoms as well as the underlying psychosocial issues can provide a path to recovery.
Innovative new medical treatments are now available that can greatly reduce, eliminate or manage the cravings and withdrawal symptoms. This medically monitored jump start into sobriety can give the you a new window of clarity through which you can start to address the underlying behavioral issues that are a major component of any addiction. 
Whether it is group programs or private therapy, confronting the underlying issues that are part of addiction with a clearer mind provides the greatest chance of staying in recovery.
We recognize that substance abuse/addiction is a brain disease that is chronic and is always associated with underlying psycho-social issues that require personalized treatment.
Most of the treatments we offer are performed on an outpatient basis so you don’t have to miss time from work. We can assure you absolute confidentiality and comfort during this process. For more info contact us.